Academy Fine Paintings is now a member of MasterArt

Academy Fine Paintings is now a member of MasterArt.  Home of the world’s leading art dealers, MasterArt is the ultimate destination for passionate art lovers around the globe, be they collectors, academics, museum and art professionals, interior decorators and more.  Only long-established dealers, who regularly exhibit at prestigious international art and antique fairs are invited to display their collections at MasterArt.

Collectors and art professionals alike know that a dealer’s participation at an international fair serves as a guarantee that the objects exhibited have been vetted by the most demanding of art specialists.  MasterArt also works closely with an advisory committee made up of twelve outstanding experts in their fields.  Our advisory committee ensures that only the highest-quality dealers are represented on our portal, guaranteeing that MasterArt users can peruse and collect from the finest collections in the world.