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19th century british oil paintings

Academy Fine Paintings is an international fine art dealership based in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, England. We specialise in 19th century British oil paintings by some of the most important artists of the period. We also offer examples of British and European 18th century works and early 20th century Post-Impressionism. I believe everyone should own at least one beautiful piece of original artwork. My name is Gavin Claxton and after 20 years as a producer, writer, and director in television and film I decided to turn my passion for collecting fine art into a business. Being both a collector of and enthusiast for all things antiquarian I now also work as an antiques and fine art expert on BBC television.

Many people assume that buying paintings of quality means purchasing through the major London auction houses and West End dealers but this is not always the case. Buying at Sotheby’s and Christie’s for instance can be very exciting but like conventional gallery-based picture dealers they have enormous overheads with premium addresses and expensive, but not necessarily knowledgeable, staff to maintain. We do not. Keeping our business online means we are leaner in the way we operate and as I personally acquire each and every painting we sell clients can be assured they are purchasing superior paintings of real significance in lovely condition and at very equitable prices.

With high definition images of and detailed descriptions about every painting our online gallery offers an informative, user-friendly environment in which to view fine pictures. Most other dealer websites won’t tell you what a painting costs, some will allow you to estimate but without taking the time to call or email them you will not know what that picture you like the look of will set you back. Of course I understand why they do this but in the end it simply perpetuates that old air of Art World exclusivity sending out the message that fine oil paintings are not to be bought by anyone who needs to know the price before expressing an interest in buying. Conversely every one of the paintings in the AFP online gallery comes with a clearly visible price tag.

It’s ironic that 99.99% of the world’s fine art is owned by 0.01% of the population when the so many of the artists who created it lived and died in relative poverty. Of course the art world, especially in times of global recession, has always thrived on inequality but whilst purchasing works by the most fashionable artists is always going to be a preserve of the super-rich it has never been a better time to obtain high quality works by their often equally gifted contemporaries.

Many thanks for visiting, and please do call or drop me an email any time.

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Gavin Claxton

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“Your gallery is definitely and by far the best I have found. The paintings are so beautiful, you are so nice to deal with and when they arrive they truly need no cleaning or repair and can be hung immediately”.Susan Foreman, Folsom, California, USA
“Thanks for all your amazing help and guidance. It was a pleasure meeting you. I will always buy with confidence from you; beautiful painting, speedy safe delivery”. Charles Heagney, London, UK
“It is a pleasure doing business with a gentleman and trusted art adviser. Always perfect in every way. One of the truly great art dealers. Thank you”.Rosalind Myerson. New York & Westhampton Beach, Long Island, USA