A large fine early 18th century Italian Old Master oil on canvas depicting the famous Biblical story of Rebecca at the Wellfrom the Book of Genesis. This magnificent circa 300-year old oil painting is attributed to the Rome studio of the Italian Baroque painter Pietro Bianchi (1694–1740). It is sold here in exceptionally fine condition and framed in a superb newly commissioned bespoke gold metal leaf frame.


As with all of the original antique oil paintings we sell it is offered in the very finest condition it can be for its age, having been professionally cleaned and re-varnished.


Along with Giovanni Paolo Panini, Jean-Baptiste van Loo, and William Kent, Pietro Bianchi was one of the most important pupils of the famous Baroque painter Bennedetto Luti. Bianchi painted both religious stories and still life pictures of animals, flowers, and fruits. He painted a St. Clara at Gubbio, and a famous picture of the Conception for the Chiesa di Santa Maria degli Angeli in Rome, a replica of which is found in St. Peter’s Basilica.


Dimensions: (framed) 115cm x 83cm (45¼” x 32¾”)

Dimensions: (canvas only) 100cm x 73cm (39¼” x 28¾”)

Medium: Oil on canvas.

Provenance: Private UK collection.

Presentation: High quality gold metal leaf frame.

Condition: Excellent. Newly professionally cleaned and re-varnished. Ready to hang. We do not sell dirty, damaged or unframed works of art.

Conservation: Where necessary the paintings we sell are cleaned and restored by John Malcolm of Fine Art Restorations (est.1974), a third-generation picture restorer with 40 years’ experience.


How do we package paintings for delivery?

Great care and much time is taken over the safe transportation of the paintings we sell. Safe shipping is predominantly about correct packaging; we only use the highest quality fine art packaging materials. No second-hand bubble-wrap and reused cardboards boxes here. Before leaving us, each painting takes us approximately 2 to 3 hours to properly (i.e. safely and securely) package for transport; whether for a journey or 30 miles or 3000. Every painting is first wrapped in acid free paper and then the entire frame is enveloped in deep, dense foam U cushioning. This is then covered in numerous layers of AirCap bubble wrap, which is the best and safest product of its type on the market. Sheets of high density fine art packaging card are then secured to the front and rear of the painting with waterproof cloth tape before the painting is then fitted in place inside a bespoke fine art shipping box. The entire package is then bound in black shrink wrap (as used by airline companies) and a final layer of waterproof cloth tape is applied to all corners, ends and edges.


How will you get your painting?

We ship domestically and internationally with DHL, FedEx, UPS, and DPD. We will ship to most locations worldwide; please send us an email for a quote. All buyers will need to supply a complete address and telephone contact number for shipping forms. UK clients are also most welcome to collect from us in South Buckinghamshire.


What payment terms do we offer?

We are very aware that not all of our clients are in a position to pay the entire sale price upfront. All of the paintings offered as ebay ‘Buy It Now’ listings are available to buy across three monthly instalments. Any client wishing to utilise this payment method should drop me an email and once the total sale price and payment timetable has been agreed the painting will be removed from sale and reserved for the client. Payment instalments will incur no interest. Paintings will be dispatched to clients only once the total balance has been paid in full.


Who are we?

At Fireside Fine Art we specialise in 19th century British and European oil paintings. We deal only in oil paintings; no prints of any kind. We are dedicated to opening up the process of buying fine paintings to the widest possible client base. We believe everyone should own at least one beautiful piece of original artwork. Every painting we sell is covered by a 14 day money back guarantee.


What about condition?

We are the only fine art dealer selling on UK ebay to professionally clean and where necessary expertly restore all of our paintings before offering them for sale. That said; clients should always bear in mind that the vast majority of paintings we deal in are antiques – works over 100 years old and frequently much older – and will therefore invariably retain some evidence of historical damage and repair. During its lifetime a 150 year old oil painting may well have been exposed to extremes of heat or cold, intrusion of water, bumps, cuts and natural age-related deterioration, all of which require restoration. Whilst our conservator is one of the most eminent in the UK, no restorer can reverse time and every sign of ageing and natural deterioration, therefore anyone wishing to purchase a painting that looks like new should think about buying a new painting rather than an antique one.


Why sell such valuable paintings on ebay?

Selling through auction house such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s can be a frustrating process. As a private vendor you can wait months for the sale and then when it finally does arrive there is no guarantee the painting will sell (but you will still be charged a fee) and if it does you are looking at huge commissions and a five week wait to get what money is left. Like galleries and conventional art dealers, they have massive overheads with premium addresses and numerous expensive (but not necessarily knowledgeable) staff to maintain. We do not.


Why buy now?

It’s ironic that 99.9% of the world’s fine art is owned by the wealthiest 0.01% of the population when so many of the artists who created it lived and died in relative poverty. The fact is that the art world, especially in times of global recession, thrives on inequality. But whilst the possibility of purchasing works by Leighton, Holman Hunt, Constable, and Turner is always going to be the preserve of the super-rich, it has never been a better time to invest in works by their contemporaries.


Many thanks for visiting, and of course please do call or drop me an email any time.


Best regards,

Gavin Claxton



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