This is a fine 17th century Dutch Old Master oil painting depicting the Holy Family with the infant Christ being presented with a goldfinch (foreshadowing the crucifixion) by St John from the studio of Sir Peter Paul Rubens 1577-1640; For the past 250 years Rubens himself has been identified as having painted the figure of Christ. The painting is sold with ownership provenance dating back to the 1740s, and with its original frame. It currently hangs in a fine quality newly commissioned gold metal leaf swept frame.


As with all of the original antique oil paintings we sell it is offered in the very finest condition it can be for its age having just been cleaned and re-varnished.


In 1914 the painting was sold as part of an important collection of Old Master paintings (see detailed provenance below) with the following catalogue listing:

Lot 26. Studio of Peter Paul Rubens 1577-1640.

The head type of the Virgin Mary as well as the form of the infant Jesus show the characteristics of Rubens so clearly that the painting could have originated only in the studio of the Flemish Master. Tradition has it that the Master himself painted the Jesus child, which cannot easily be dismissed”.


The introduction to the 1914 auction catalogue reads:

“The collection is principally comprised of Old Dutch Masters and was brought together by Professor Causid-Bruck in the 1740’s when he visited the Netherlands with three Hessian princes (among them the future Frederick II, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel). The paintings in the collection were passed down through the family eventually coming into the possession of the current owner Mr. Bruck in 1850. As the paintings were collected in their country of origin it was possible for Professor Causid to obtain finer quality works than was otherwise possible. These are paintings that are suitable for a museum so will naturally be an important addition to any private collection”.


Dimensions: (framed) 83cm x 71cm (32½” x 28”)

Dimensions: (canvas only) 64cm x 53cm (25” x 21”)

Medium: Oil on canvas.

Provenance: Circa 1740: Purchased in the Netherlands by the eminent German art collector Professor Causid-Brück.

1860: Inherited by his descendent Herr Bruck of Kassel.

1914: Sold Old Master Paintings collection of Professor Causid-Brück. February 10th 1914, Frankfurt. Thence in private European collection.

Presentation: Fine quality newly commissioned gold metal leaf frame. All of the new frames we commission are made to order for us by one of the UK’s finest period frame makers.

Condition: Excellent. Newly professionally cleaned and re-varnished. Lined circa 1900. Ready to hang.

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